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April 28, 2008

New Gallery : Christmas Windows 2007

Filed under: gallery — Mark Dalrymple @ 12:02 am

Every year First Lutheran goes whole hog and decorates the windows in the sanctuary. Since I present the illusion of knowing my way around a camera, I get to photograph them. Please visit the gallery if you’re bored.


April 10, 2008

Tilt/Shift Movements

Filed under: Random — Mark Dalrymple @ 7:32 pm
Ken Rockwell has an introduction to Camera movements : why tilt and shift, as it applies to 35mm PC (T/S) lenses.

DIY Bokeh

Filed under: Random, tips — Mark Dalrymple @ 7:19 pm
“Bokeh” is a term that describes the out-of-focus highlights in an image. Different lenses have different kinds of bokeh, from smooth and creamy to seriously ugly. DIY Photography and Studio Lighting show a way to make your own bokeh shapes. Now to see if I can make a happy-face bokeh.

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