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January 28, 2009

Lightroom Shortcut Reference

Filed under: Lightroom, tips — Mark Dalrymple @ 11:26 pm

Here are some shortcut keys I’ve come across in Lightroom 2. This will get updated as I come across more.


cmd-/ – show all of the command shortcuts for the current module.

cmd-opt-[1-5] – move between different modules

F5-F8 – Toggle the around-screen panels (T/B/L/R)

tab – Toggle left/right panels

shift-tab – Toggle all panels

L – Cycle through “Lights-out” modes (dim, dark, normal)

F – Cycle through three full-screen modes

cmd-shift-F – Full Screen

cmd-shift-F, T – Full view with minimal distractions

cmd-option-shift-E – Export using the last settings

T – Toggle grid view toolbar

0-5 – apply zero to 5 star rating

6-9 – red, yellow, green, blue label. No shortcut for purple or none.

Library Module

G – Return to (library) grid mode

J – Toggle library grid cells between the three display states

P – Mark as pick (white flag)

X – Mark as reject (black flag)

U – Clear flag state

shift-{P, X, U} – Set flag state and move to next image

N – Go into survey mode.

/ – Deselect active photo (also removes from survey mode)

cmd-D – Deselect everything

C – Compare mode. “Select” image is on the left. Use right arrow to move on. Use X<-Y button to make new shot the Select.

B – Add to Quick Collection

cmd-return – Slide show of the quick collection

\ – Toggle library filter bar

cmd-G – Group as a stack (only in folder panel)

cmd-shift-G – Ungroup stack

S – Toggle stack contents

cmd-option-K – Turn paint tool on or off

option-click-+ in smart collection editor – Add a collection option (with any/all subcriteria)

I – Cycle through different info windows

cmd-J – Configure the info windows (loupe view)

Z – Zoom to 100%

ctrl-,- – Change thumbnail size in grid view

D – Go to Develop module

Develop Module

J – Toggle clipping highlights

option-click – exposure/recovery slider and blacks slider to get clipped region

\ – Toggle master/version

Y – Side-by-side master/version

shift-Y – Split-screen master/version

option-Y – Side-by-side, vertical

cmd-' – Make virtual copy

cmd-click Sync – Auto sync on multiple selected images

cmd-{1,2,3,etc} – Go to successive panels on the right

, . – Jump to next/previous slider in “Basic” editing panel

V – Quick grayscale

cmd-N – Make a snapshot

K – Adjustment brush

M – Gradient filter

' – Invert gradient

H – Toggle adjustment brush pin visibility

A – Toggle adjustment brush automask

1-0 – Control adjustment brush flow (10% -> 100%)

O – Toggle adjustment brush mask

Return – Adds new adjustment brush pin

/ – Toggle between A and B adjustment brushes

[ ] – Change size of adjustment brush. Add shift to change feather.

cmd-shift-H – Toggle rule-of-thirds grid in crop tool

R – Toggle crop tool

R, shift-tab, cmd-shift-H, L, L – Crop in lights-out mode. (go into crop mode, hide panels, hide thirds grid if shown, lights off)

page-down – When zoomed in, will scroll by screenfulls, down and then across.

N – Toggle spot remover tool


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