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January 30, 2008

$1 Image Stabilizer for Any Camera

Filed under: technique, tripod, video — Mark Dalrymple @ 4:42 pm

“Cobbler” has a video where he builds a $1 string-based monopod, using a 1/4″ bolt, string, and a weight, whereby you pull up on the string to stabilize the camera.


January 25, 2008

Generic Plates for a Really Right Stuff Ballhead

Filed under: tripod — Mark Dalrymple @ 4:20 pm

The Really Right Stuff ballheads and camera clamps are wonderful pieces of equipment. Unfortunately the don’t make a generic flat base, only form-fitted plates. While waiting for a plate for the D3, I called them up looking for a temporary solution, and they redirected me to Wimberly, at, specifically the P-5 Camera Body Plate. Works like a charm.

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